Financial Assistance for PrimaryITO Students

This scholarship provides a grant to PrimaryITO students who undertake their study within the Taranaki/Waverley region.

Grants are paid upon written confirmation from PrimaryITO that the student has completed his/her course(s) for that respective year. There will be one payment made, per student, per year. Students may make application for a bursary in each year of study. Scholarships can be held in concurrent with others.


Apply now

Applications should be submitted directly to your PrimaryITO Training Advisor, together with letter of intent, at the commencement of your course

The letter of intent will include details of your course of study, why you have chosen this, and any other relevant information in support your application.

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Closing date for applications is 28th February each year. The Trustees’ decision on the granting of bursaries and scholarships is final.