About Us

The L. A. Alexander Agricultural College Trust Board Inc is a registered charitable trust, sets the objectives to meet the requirements of the founding Deed and manages the investments, the cornerstone of which is the farm property at Tikorangi, Waitara.


Leonard Allen Alexander was a visionary and had a healthy regard for education and community good and in his Will left his Tikorangi estate and the Winthorpe Stud, a racehorse stud of significance, to the New Plymouth High School Board to create a ”training establishment for agricultural and pastoral students and generally for all purposes of an agricultural college”.

The cost of setting up an agricultural college was beyond the resources that the bequest could provide. As a result, the L.A. Alexander Agricultural College Trust was established in 1987, the land retained, the Stud sold and moneys invested to fund the objects of the Trust Deed among them to ”grant financial assistance to enable students to undergo education or any of the fields of agriculture, horticulture and all types and purposes of farming”.

The farm is used as an educational resource. It is presently leased to Faull Farms Limited. and is used as part of their large dairy farm. From time-to-time aspects of educational training, field work and research are undertaken with the Faull’s concurrence.


Two Trustees are appointed by each of the Boards of the New Plymouth Boys’ High School, New Plymouth Girls’ High School, Spotswood College and the Western Institute of Technology Taranaki (W.I.T.T.) council. These were all originally administered by the New Plymouth High School Board to which the bequest was made. Trustees hold office until replaced or resign. The Trust elects the Chair.


The Trust is a administered by Tandem Group, Chartered Accountants.

Taranaki Secondary Schools Resource Grant

Secondary schools are eligible to apply for a Grant towards agricultural or horticultural education or resources. For example, greenhouses, water reticulation and garden implements.

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Friends of the Trust

The Trust is proud to have supported so many in their career and contribution to the agricultural industry.

Previous winners of the Scholarship are encouraged to contribute to the success of the Trust and future of other successful applicants by making a bequest/donation to the Trust

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