Stan Florence Agricultural Industry Scholarship

This Scholarship was created to recognise the outstanding contribution Mr Stan Florence has made to the New Zealand Agricultural Industry in management, and to recognise his long association with Mr and Mrs L.A. Alexander as a friend and consultant and as an Estate Trustee from 1965-1987.

About the Scholarship

This Scholarship is funded by the L.A Alexander Agricultural College Trust Board.

  • The Scholarship awarded will be up to $5,000 with a provision for review at any time.
  • Applicants should obtain the permission of their employers to be absent for the appropriate time before submitting an application.
  • From time to time the Trustees may invite applications from personnel already serving in a management position in agricultural, horticultural or pastoral industries to attend a nominated course, or alternatively, the Trustees may ask applicants to nominate a course which the applicant wishes to attend.
  • The Trustees may seek applications from a particular group or groups, or from the public in general, at their discretion.
  • The Trustees will require the successful applicant to give a written undertaking to remain with the agricultural industry, or a related industry acceptable to the Trust Board, for a period of two years after completion of the nominated course.
  • Should the successful applicant wish to cease being an employee of their particular industry within two years of the completion of the nominated course, they may be required to refund to the Trustees a proportion of the Bursary granted on a pro rata basis and will enter into a written undertaking to do so prior to accepting the Bursary.
  • Applicants will be required to demonstrate that they have made suitable financial arrangements to sustain themselves and their families during the nominated course.


Applications Close

Closing date for applications is 28th February each year. The Trustees’ decision on the granting of bursaries and scholarships is final.


How to Apply

Applications can now be completed online. Please ensure you have prepared the following certified supporting documentation to submit your online application:

  • Certified copy of documentation to support your eligibility for this financial assistance
  • Statement in support of application from applicant and endorsing statement from employer
  • Certified copy of course/s to be studied this year

Alternatively you can download and print the application form to submit by post.