Research Grants

The Trust Board is interested in research relevant to Taranaki in agriculture and horticulture in its broadest sense including production animals, plants, forestry, the environment and food. While the Trust is primarily interested in funding research relevant to the Taranaki region, other applications will be considered. Given the Trust’s interest in developing people intending to follow careers in agriculture, research proposals undertaken by postgraduate students will be given preference.

The Critera

Applications for research proposals should clearly lay out:

  • The objectives of the research projects,
  • The significance of the research (to the Taranaki region and/or New Zealand),
  • The capability of the research team,
  • Timelines, and
  • A budget, including contributions from other parties.

Applications Close

Closing date for submissions is 28th February each year. The Trustees’ decision is final.

The funding of submissions will be notified by June of each year.

L.A. Alexander

The History

The Estate of Mr Alexander is managed by the L.A. Alexander Agricultural College Trust Board which was formed in 1987. Mr Alexander realised the importance of education for people involved in agriculture, particularly at a tertiary level, and all purposes of an agricultural college.

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