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If you have questions about the scholarships and funding available, please click on the questions below to find the answers.

Who is eligible?

Tertiary Scholarship - Available to students studying education in the primary industries. Find out more about this scholarship.


Postgraduate Scholarship - Available to students who have completed a degree and intend to pursue further post graduate study. Priority will be given to students born, educated or working in the Taranaki area. Find out more about this scholarship.


Teaching Scholarship - Financial assistance to graduates who have demonstrated commitment, and wish to enter a career in secondary teaching in agriculture/horticulture. Preference will be given to those who intend to teach in the Taranaki sector. Find out more about this Scholarship.


Stan Florence Scholarship - Financial assistance to those already serving in a management position in agricultural, horticultural or pastoral industries in Taranaki, and wishing to attend a course of study. Find out more about this scholarship.

What type of course must I be applying for, or am currently completing to be eligible to apply?

Any tertiary course related to the broader agricultural sector, such as agriculture, horticulture, forestry, commerce, environmental management, veterinary science, veterinary nursing, viticulture and food technology.

Am I able to apply for a Grant if I am already studying at tertiary level?

Yes, if you are currently studying an agriculture related course at tertiary level you may apply for a scholarship.

When can I apply?

The opening date for application is 30th November each year prior to year of study.

What sort of financial assistance does the L.A. Alexander Trust provide?

  • Tertiary Students may be granted up to 50% of course fees for any given year.

  • There is also a John McIntyre Memorial Scholarship of up to $10,000, which may be awarded annually to a student selected from the applicants at the discretion of the Trustees.

  • Graduates entering a career in secondary teaching looking to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in subjects relating to teaching agriculture/horticulture may be eligible for the teaching Scholarship. This Scholarship has a value of up to $5,000 per annum.

  • The Stan Florence Scholarship can be awarded up to $5,000.

What do I need to complete my application?


You must have proof that you were born, educated or currently being educated in the Taranaki/Waverly region. If you have had a Bursary from the Trust before, then this is not required.

To apply you will need to get some documentation in order. This includes:

  • A certified copy of documentation to support your eligibility: A birth certificate or a school report/reference as proof that you were Born or educated or currently educated in the Taranaki/Waverly region. This is not required if you have previously made an application.
  • A letter of intent: Include details of your course of study, why you have chosen this, and any other relevant information in support of your application.
  • A certified copy of your previous year’s courses/subjects showing the results you achieved.
  • A certified copy of documentation showing the course(s) you will be studying during the year.
  • A confirmation of enrolment from your current education provider.

Ensure that you check the requirements for each specific application for as these do vary. Details can be found at the start of each application f


How do I ‘certify’ my documents?

Each photocopy and/or computer printout used as a supporting document must be certified as a true copy by a Justice of the Peace or a School Principal.

How do I submit my application?

Applications should, where possible, be submitted online by following the links below.

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