My story begins with growing up on a hill country sheep and beef farm 45km east of Stratford. I attended Mākahū primary school with a role of 12 children. The country was my playground, and I developed a passion for adventuring in the outdoors and anything to do with animals. New Plymouth Girls High was my next educational step and really kicked off my rugby, adventure racing and equestrian career. I completed my secondary studies in 2018 with the privilege of leading the school as Head Girl. Following in my father’s footsteps, I enrolled in Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Massey University, choosing a career that aligned with my love for the outdoors and sciences. Sadly, my father passed away before I could tell him I was accepted into vet school, but fortunately my community lent me the helping hand I needed through university. The LA Alexander Trust has been important for me on my journey. Veterinary studies are costly and the Trust’s support throughout the five years helped me cope with the financial challenges taking pressure off my family to support my studies and allowed me to focus on high performance sports and seek professional help when times get tough without Dad.


I am very grateful to the L A Alexander Trust. Their support for young Taranaki students studying agriculture is incredible and gives us the opportunity to follow our passions. The Trust believes in us as young people of Taranaki and our future in agriculture.